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September 24, 2013

Invitation to Tohoku in Japan


 Tohoku district is occurred a lot of large earthquake and Tsunami(seismic sea wave) from the fact that a continental plate exist nearly.
 For once in 50~100 years, tsunami and earthquake attack this region, destruction and reconstruction has been repeated.
 Tohoku has been the most dangerous zone in the world.

【Yuriage area】

 March 11, 2011, giant tsunami and major earthquake stroke the Tohoku region.
 The damage is so enormous that many coastal cities was destroyed.
 The figure is a current Yuriage area that located at Miyagi Prefecture.
 Before the disaster,it was a residential land where many houses lined with. But Tsunami stroke this area, all the houses were swept away, and large vacant land was left there.

 Tohoku was a region that repetition of destruction and regeneration is present.
 But the tragic destruction in this time was of too much , we were very overwhelmed. For the violent power of the giant natural, we knew the weakness of our power.

 However two and a half years passed from the disaster, We are beginning the effort to overcome the earthquake and tsunami.

【Rikuzentakada city】

 In this earthquake, the vulnerability of transportation infrastructure in the Tohoku became a severe problem.
 National Route 45 connecting the coast city was destroyed completely, so we became very difficult to carry the materials for the restoration to affected areas after the disaster.
 Now the new high-standard roads have being built in a wide range of coastal areas.
 This new roads have a lot of bridge and long tunnels, so if the giant tsunami as 2011 will come, this road can bear sufficiently

 The fig shows construction site of Rikuzentakada city. Large ground and hills are filled with construction machinery, and works have been doing well vibrant.

【Simagoe station】

 Railways were destroyed as well as roads in the disaster.
 As Earthquake often occur in this region, this railway had been made resistant to earthquake especially.   But this 2011 tsunami was powerful beyond our expectations, and the Shimagoe station (as fig) rail line and station building also was washed away.
 Taking advantage of the lessons learned, new line and station building which are stronger than ever have been reconstructed.

 Now, large-scale constructions such as may be said “Tohoku remodeling” have been carried out widely.
 They are great works that make possible to counter against the wild forces of nature over the pride of human civilization.
 In the Tohoku wonderful play is in progress for the revenge to the natural.
 I hope you come to Tohoku. And I want to see, hear, and experience the regenerating Tohoku.
 If you come to there, you will be sure to obtain a precious experience certainly.


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