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April 21, 2013

The Movie : Hentai Kamen


 The japanese word “Hentai” commonly means abnormality. But using the word in comic, the word means extreme abnormality which reachs stage of art.
 Therefore“Hentai” is used for good meaning in Japan comic world

 The movie “Hentai Kamen” is one which Cool Japan can send the world with confidence.
 In the movie “Hentai Kamen”is hero coverd with pantie mask. For he covers his face by pantie, his power grows up maximumly until to exceed human and he become superman. With “Hentai”power he can play so much
 The hero’s superaction is filled with formal beauty called Japanese style.
 Furthermore another “Hentai Kamen” appeas in the second halh. He is more “Hentai” than original. Their battle is filled with laugh and beuty.

 If you want to know Japanese newest comedy screenplay and beauty of screen, you should see “Hentai Kamen”

 Hentai Kamen  official site


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